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R.J. Johns is a son of Yahweh and a disciple of Christ from Detroit, MI. He was called to serve, lead, teach and encourage the people of God. happily married to the beautiful Kiara A. Johns. He is a minister at Faith Tabernacle Church (Highland Park, MI) who directs their young adult ministry. Robert is also a Certified Professional Life Coach, Author, and Philanthropist. He graduated from Mumford High School in 2009; from Ferris State University in 2013; and from the University of Phoenix, where he received his Master’s in Business Administration, in 2017.


R.J. is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified life coach. His coaching philosophy is that everyone on earth has a purpose and fulfilling that purpose means knowing oneself intimately, overcoming and learning from obstacles, accomplishing one’s goals to mature into the best version of oneself. He believes that that will lead to living up to one’s full potential and encouraging others to do the same. R.J aspires to partner with clients to hold them accountable to fulfilling their purpose. For this very reason he is known as the Purpose Fulfillment Coach. 

R.J.’s coaching style is a cross between performance and transformational coaching. He assists the client with identifying roadblocks and hindrances and helps them work through a plan to overcome them resulting in goal achievement. During this process, he asks questions so that they client can self-identify their weakness and learn to better management them. At the same time, they also identify their strengths and learn to maximize them. This contributes to a change in the client’s perceptions of themselves and what they can achieve. By the end of a 6+ weeks of coaching the client walks away having a deeper sense of purpose and an idea of how to fulfill it.


Since he was a child, R.J. always dreamed of writing his own book. In elementary and middle school, he spent some of his leisure time writing short stories and putting together mini how-to manuals. In high school, Robert wrote a short action filled drama but didn’t quite know the next step to take.  


In 2017, R.J. acquired the knowledge to publish his very first completed work: Lessons Learned: A Guide to Successfully Mastering Your College Experience, a book written to encourage and empower high school seniors and college students to triumph over the pitfalls they would surely face on their journey. Since writing the book, R.J. has had several book signings and has been requested to speak at multiple schools in the State of Michigan.


R.J. is set to release his second body of work, Lighting Up the Dark Places.



R.J.'s keen passion for helping others and giving back to the community ultimately led him to become the founder and Chief Executive Officer of BUILDING Futures, a 501(c)(3) organization that supports at-risk youth and their families.




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